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Heart Shaped Flower Vase

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This Heart Shaped Flower Vase is not to be used to grow flowers as it won’t hold water. It is for dried flowers or artificial ones. How ironic that this heart can’t sustain life. Truly, how ironic!


Art. Life. Death. The heart features in all these things and more. I doubt there is a more symbolic organ in our body than this biological beating device. It is a critical part of our anatomy. It keeps us moving, breathing, and alive. Without a doubt, this Heart Shaped Flower Vase will breathe life into your home. In fact, doesn’t matter where you place it—the living room, dining table, anywhere at all—this Flower Vase will animate your space.


As earlier mentioned, this Heart Shaped Flower Vase is not to be used to grow fresh flowers. It may leak if it is filled with water. As such, you should use it for dried flowers or artificial ones. It is still very much a wonderful piece of decoration to have in your home. Any visitor will enjoy seeing it. It could, in fact, capture their hearts.


I know. Our hearts can only keep us alive for so long but they do an exceptional job. They never stop working, so it’s only fair to them that they get a rest at some point. This Flower Vase, like our hearts, is going to serve you so well.

This Flower Vase is capable of staying alive for a long time. It is made of resin and this makes it extremely durable.  So it doesn’t matter the weather condition—even in the scorching heat of the sun—this Vase will not lose color one bit. It really is a super organ.

From one heart to another

If you’re looking to get someone a housewarming gift, this Heart Shaped Flower Vase wouldn’t be a bad idea. In fact, the message the gift will pass across is one of care and friendship. It would even be nicer if you threw in some flowers when handing them over. That’d be perfect.