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Gua Sha Hot Stone Massager

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Body Massager (8.5cm)
Body Massager (8.5cm)
Face Massager (4cm)
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Enjoy Life, Pamper Your Body

Get a full body massage and feel total relaxation anytime and anywhere. This Gua Sha Massager is your partner to make you feel relaxed and refreshed all-day. It’s a Gua Sha stone that can deliver many health benefits for you and the whole family.

  • Heat control to adjust to your body’s needed temperature
  • Polished stone surface, and comfortable to hold
  • Use as hot compress, relieves muscle pain, cold relief, and many more
  • Compact and handy, slip it conveniently to your bag


Adjust the Temperature Easily

Avoid burns on your skin. Your Gua Sha Massager has five gears to adjust the heat according to your need and preference. It is color-coded for easy control: red 100 degrees, green 80 degrees, blue 60 degrees, white 40 degrees, yellow 20 degrees. 



Enjoy Superior Craftsmanship

Made of high-quality Gua Sha Stone. You can choose either in stone shape or flat head shape. The stone’s surface is polished with no rough edges nor sharp corners. Moderately soft to feel on your skin. Ergonomically designed for a comfortable hold.



Get Energy From a Natural Stone Massager

Use it as warm moxibustion and massager, a hot compress, or dredging your collaterals. It promotes blood circulation, relieves muscle pain and cold relief, improves immunity to strengthen your body. Good as physiotherapy, both for kids and adults.



Enjoy Full Body Skin and Lift Care

Enjoy total body care in a handy stone massager. Perfect for the whole body. You can use it on your neck, abdomen, back, legs, waist, and hands. It is also a facial massager for scraping and detoxifying your sensitive skin. A body massage for cellulite slimming.



Product Specification:

Input: 100v-240v
Output: 12c



Package Includes:

1 pc. Gua Sha Bianstone Warming Instrument
1 pc. Adaptor
1 pc. Storage Bag
1 pc. Manual in English
1 pc.  Meridian Diagram