Grow Lights for Indoor Clip-on Plant Grow Lights with Red Blue LED Bulbs

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Installation Steps

  • This product is composed of 20*4 SMD lamp beads, the main material of the shell is made of aluminum material, PC lens, and one clip and three coil lamp heads. It has the advantages of high performance, low energy consumption, 360 degree rotation and so on.
  • Users can freely choose the wavelength ratio that is more suitable for plants to promote plant growth. The ratio we recommend is the ratio of red to blue. You can also choose red/blue/orange/yellow/green/purple/infrared/white (410-850nm) mixed light to provide the spectral needs of plants, red light promotes plant germination and flowering, and blue light promotes plant growth.


Widely used in greenhouses, plant factories, greenhouse farming, flower farming, indoor gardens, water-soluble farming, pipeline cultivation, farms, potted plants, spray plants, tissue culture, etc. This product is suitable for plant tissue culture and planting of bananas, flowers, Dendrobium officinale, orchids, tobacco, seaweed, green peppers, eggplant, bitter gourd, tomatoes, grapes, lettuce, lettuce and other medicinal materials, vegetables and flowers. And it is effective for aqueous culture or soil culture