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Green Hydrangea Eucalyptus Ranunculus Artificial Flower Arrangement

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The flower arrangement is composed of ranunculus, rose, hydrangea, eucalyptus, and many other flowers and green plants, which are lifelike. It is designed by experienced floral designers. In order to create diversity and color matching, we have made many attempts. We are committed to providing unique and high-quality floral designs for you who love life.


Focus: handmade

Material: silk flower, plastic

Dimension:18.1" L x15.8" W

Applicable throughout the year

Flower arrangement only



Authentic handmade

Lifelike flowers

The branches are well-designed and feel comfortable

The leaf texture is clear and natural, and the color is real

High-quality materials that can be enjoyed for a long time




Recommended for indoor use.

Lifelike flowers and green plants add a sweet and fresh atmosphere to your space without any tedious maintenance.

It is very suitable for display on desktops, desks, bedside tables, shelves, cabinets, windowsills, mantels, toilets, or any other small corners that require green decoration. They are also great gifts for housewarming parties, weddings, and holidays.