Reusable Dog Pee Pads Waterproof Washable Pet Supplies

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  • ABSORBENT PADS FOR PETS: Our pet pee pad is suitable for your dog, puppy, cat, guinea pig, rabbit, or other animal friend. The comfortable and soft surface allows your pet friends to do their business in peace as it absorbs poo and pee and can even easily replace dog diapers for overnight incontinence without irritating your pet. 
  • CARPET, CRATE, HOUSE, CAR, & FURNITURE PROTECTION: Use our washable pee pads to cover your indoor or outdoor surfaces to guard them from urine & odor. Our washable pee pads for dogs can be used in a playpen, litter box, kennel, bed, or couch to shield rugs, flooring, and blankets from pet waste and prevent that stain and smell. 
  • EXTRA DURABLE, QUALITY MATERIALS: Our Standard 100 certified laminated pads have been rigorously tested and found to be extremely safe for both humans and animals and are perfect for floor mats, human incontinence or general animal care or training.
  • COST-EFFICIENT: Our reusable pee pads for dogs ensure that fluids are absorbed and held for laundering without leaking. Washable and reusable puppy pads save you money and are good for our planet and our reusable puppy pee pads are good for 100+ washing cycles, so you spend only pennies per use.
  • DIFFERENT SIZES & STYLES: Other size and color options are available. We have the right supplies & accessories for your pets, xs or s, m, l, xl or xxl.