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Electric | Dancing Cactus

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Make Your Little Ones Smile and Groove

This cute cactus-shaped toy features dancing, singing, and recording functions. 

It dances to more than a hundred songs, plus glowing LEDs in its body to make it more attractive to kids.

But aside from that, it can mimic the surrounding sound. So when you talk or play a song around it, you can hear it talk and play the same sound. 

Definitely, a fun toy to keep your little peanut and kiddos entertained for hours. Even adults would find this Cactus Plush funny and enjoyable to have.


  1. At the bottom, remove the screw with a screwdriver, install AA batteries(3). Close and switch the button to ON.
  2. Left Button: Long press to record,15 seconds at most, and press to play sound 
  3. Right Button: Press to play music, you can record after the song is paused.