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Amusing Army Gnome Wearing Desert Tan Hat and Holding SLR Statue

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Garden Gnome Lying Down
Garden Gnome Lying Down
Garden Gnome Kneeling On One Leg
Standing Garden Gnome
One Set (3 pcs) One of them is free
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Product Description:

Meet Jack! The Garden Gnome Jack With A SLR In His Arms!

Jack’s story is truly unique. A long while ago, he served our country for decades, going on missions, protecting our Nation and carrying out his duty with honor, until one day he decided to retire.

So, he kept his trusted companion and friend, the one and only SLR, and decided to move to a nice yard or lawn, Jacks even been spotted at a bachelor pad or man cave on occasions!

Now, he is frozen in time, bound to protect the garden of anyone who chooses to have him!

And that one could very well be you!

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Now, he is frozen in time, bound to protect the garden of anyone who chooses to have him!

And that one could very well be you!

Start An Awesome Gnome Collection!

Jack the Military Garden Gnome is just the beginning! We have many more gnomes with different designs that could turn your bland garden into an epic battleground!

Our army gnomes are available in three popular shooting positions, standing, kneeling or prone.

You can also choose between two uniform choices; standard camouflage or traditional.

Height: 6"

Unique & Exclusive Design

❤️An interesting design.It adds a playful and cheerful spirit to your garden. This gnome statue stays the same for years to come. This hand-painted statue is accentuated with a multicolored finish. It has a fade-resistant finish that maintains its fresh look for a long time.

❤️U.V resistant and does not get damaged easily from the harsh rays of the sun. This Garden Gnome Statue needs some care during the winter season and it can be kept inside.

❤️Handmade of heavy- duty polyresin and painted with outdoor-resistant paint, these gnomes will simply ignore the outdoor elements so you can enjoy them summer and winter, spring and fall!

❤️Their original design was created by a military enthusiast with one goal in mind; to amaze even the most avid collector!

Each piece is hand-painted by skillful artisans to ensure the highest level of detail and they are truly unique since you can’t find them anywhere else in the world.

❤️It is very important to us that you are happy with your purchase.

Our advice:

Get them as a set, complete your collection and create your own garden army!
Our gnomes will bring a smile to all gun lovers, military collectors, hunters, and folks who just like to have a good laugh.

Are they suitable as a gift? Perfectly suitable. A wise gift for your family; for your father; for a comrade in arms. Place them in your garden and they'll simply come to life and you can't help but marvel: Wow! So much fun!

Not small at all! Size height over 6 inches, not 3 inches!

The individual mass of our products is approximately 150 grams. 
The height of the product is over 6 inches and the height is over 6 inches, Not 3 inches, 3 inches is fake.

Package Includes:

    Standing*1,  Kneeling*1,  Creeping*1