2LED Head-Mounted Illuminating Microscope Headband Magnifying Glass

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1. Acrylic optical lens: equipped with three magnification factors 8X / 15X / 23X (the main lens is 8 times, the additional detachable lens is 15 times, and the combined use is 23 times,15x lens cannot be used alone).

2. LED light: LED light equipped with two light sources, you can switch the light source by rotating the switch, and you can adjust the position of the LED light up and down to achieve the best use effect.

3.Glasses holder: The glasses holder can be adjusted to ensure the best wearing effect.
4. Lens barrel: You can directly adjust the position of the lens barrel to meet the needs of observation in multiple directions.

5. Battery: Be suitable with 3 LR1130 button batteries, if you need to replace the battery, you can press the battery cover and turn it counterclockwise by 30°.
6. Lens replacement instructions: rotate the lens counterclockwise to remove the lens, rotate clockwise to install the lens (refer to the manual).

7. Wide range of uses: suitable for reading books, painting crafts, sewing, ornamental plants, various precision parts repair, watch repair, mobile phone repair, circuit board repair, jewelry appreciation, etc.